Become A Recycle Right Hero
Will and Jackson


Maitland - Family Man

Recycling Tip: I recycle pizza boxes and I also make sure that I don’t put things in plastic bags!

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Will & Jackson

Lake Macquarie - Students

Recycling Tip: We Frisbee the lids of the milk containers and jar lids into the recycle bin. They can be recycled too – just don’t leave them on the bottles, containers and jars!

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Maitland - Student

Recycling Tip: I am a recycle right hero from the heart. I recycle everything I can, from the lids off milk bottles to the tiny
pieces of cardboard on teabags to use for preschool art!


Cessnock - Massage Therapist

Recycling Tip: I recycle my glossy mags and also plastic spray bottles. Just unscrew the spray lids from the bottle and put them in the recycle bin too!

What Can I Recycle?

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Recycling Hotline 1800 838 884

For all missed service, bin repairs, replacements and complaints call the Recycling Hotline.

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REAL Help to Make a REAL Difference!

Meet the Real Team

Hunter Resource Recovery has introduced an exciting new program to assist our residents to Recycle Right. Over the past few weeks you may have seen the Recycling Education and Liaison Team (REAL TEAM) checking recycling bins across the Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Maitland City and Singleton Council areas to determine the common mistakes.

The Team has found that while residents intend to Recycle Right, there still appears to be some confusion about what is accepted in the yellow lid bin. Last year this resulted in over 700 tonnes of material disposed of incorrectly in the recycling service, at times resulting in serious safety issues for our staff. We understand that the task of recycling may not have top priority in a busy household, however your small act can make a BIG difference to our environment.

That’s why your Councils have introduced the REAL Team. Our mobile unit will meet residents face-to-face in your streets and suburbs over the next twelve months providing advice, education material and answering your recycling questions to help clear up the confusion. They will also do minor recycling bin repairs and report those that cannot be repaired at the roadside. It’s all a part of our enhanced customer service program!

Keep an eye out for the specially marked mobile education van and have a chat with our friendly REAL Team with any questions you have about the service. It’s all part of working together to …

Recycle Right!

For more information contact us on 1800 838 884.

  • Tip #14

    Bottles and containers must be empty but don’t require washing or rinsing before going into your recycling bin.

  • Tip #3

    Place your bin at the kerbside with the opening facing the road by 5.30am on the day of collection or the evening prior.

  • Tip #2

    Cut down on junk mail by displaying a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on your mailbox.

  • Tip #9

    Use paper on both sides, and if you work in an office, where possible, use paper used only on one side for fax transmissions.

  • Tip #13

    Clean milk cartons or yoghurt pots make wonderful pots for plants or seedlings.

  • Tip #5

    Re-use old envelopes by covering the old name and address with a sticky label.

  • Tip #10

    It is not only aluminium cans that can be placed in your recycling bin – old pie trays and aluminium foil can be recycled too.

  • Tip #7

    Try to avoid buying products which are over packaged, and where packaging cannot be avoided, make sure the packaging is recyclable.

  • Tip #1

    Styrofoam packaging is not recycled by our company. Ask the retailer at place of the purchase if the foam packaging can be returned to the store for recycling by them.

  • Tip #8

    Use a ball point pen that takes refills, or use a fountain pen.

  • Tip #11

    Plastic drink bottles filled with a handful of pebbles or rice make great rattles.

  • Tip #4

    Instead of putting used magazines into the recycling bin, why not share them with a friend, or give them to your local hospital, dental or doctor’s surgery.

  • REAL Help to Make a REAL Difference!

    Ever find yourself unsure of which bin to use and think it doesn’t make a difference anyway? Not true! Your actions can make a REAL difference do our environment in a multitude of ways and even after 18 years of recycling there is still a degree of confusion with some residents about what can go in the yellow lid bin. That totalled over 700 tonnes last year of items we cannot accept that clogged up your recycling service with the potential for creating serious problems for our staff and machinery.  That’s where the Recycling Education And Liaison Team (REAL TEAM) comes in, working directly with residents so we can all Recycle Right.

    Our friendly REAL Team officers will travel across the entire service area conducting bin checks, carrying out minor repairs and leaving calling cards on bins where required. Check to see if your bin gets an OOPS card identifying any minor mistakes and your letterbox for the A-Z Recycling Guide to help clear up the confusion. While it may not seem like much in one bin, when you think that we service over 370,000 recycling bins each fortnight, it all adds up!  

    Keep an eye out for the specially marked mobile education van and Bin Report Cards, and please come up and have a chat with our friendly REAL Team with any questions you have about the service. It’s all part of working together to …. Recycle Right!


  • Find Out Your Next Recycling Day

    Find ouT your next recycling service day by following the link













  • Don't Bag Your Recycling

    Plastic bags, wrappers and wrap CAN NOT  be recycled in your recycling bin. 

    Plastic bags, wrappers and wrap are a large problem for your recycling service, as they can cause the entire sorting facility to be shut down to enable staff to remove them when they become caught in the sorting machinery and create a potential fire hazard, or they may cause entire loads of  material to be rejected for recycling and sent to landfill.

    Even so, they are still one of the most common forms of contamination (unaccepted items). This includes recyclables in plastic bags – a definite no-no. Just empty your recyclables loosely into the bin.

    Plastic bags that carry a recycling symbol can be recycled – just NOT in your yellow lid bin.

    When you Recycle Right you are playing a big part in reducing waste sent to landfill and conserving our natural resources.




  • Don't Miss Your Collection !!

    Make sure you place your yellow lid recycling bin out at the kerb on the evening prior or before 5.30 a.mon collection day to ensure it is emptied.

    Service times can vary for a variety of reasons and there is no guarantee that your bin will be emptied at the same time each fortnight. Your recycling collection trucks are fitted with satellite technology that enable staff to track and record the time and location of each bin serviced and identifies bins that were not presented or contained non-accepted items.

    Please understand bins that were not presented will not be serviced until the next collection day. So avoid any inconvenience and Recycle Right! 






  • Too Much Recycling?

    What can you do if you find you have more bottles, paper and cardboard than your recycling bin can hold there are several options available to you.

    The simplest remedy is to flatten your boxes and plastic containers to make room in your yellow lid bin for more recyclables  (please don’t break your glass bottles!)
    HRR member Councils also provide a FREE bulk recycling service and approved electronic waste drop point at their Waste Management Facilities  for their residents – all year round! *
    Alternately, you can upsize your recycling bin to the larger 360L bin by contacting your local Council and paying the one off $25 service charge. 360L bins will hold up to 30% more volume and is great for larger families and avid recyclers. (Please note the 80kg maximum weight capacity remains the same).
    An additional recycling bin is available by contacting your local Council – charges apply. 
    *Household quantities only – no commercial loads and accepted items only.  Mixed loads,that include general waste will incur the standard charges. Contact your local Council for details




  • Commercial Recycling for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

    Slash your waste costs while improving your business’ environmental credentials at the same time.

    Every home in the Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and Singleton area, has now been recycling for over 18 years – saving over 1 million cubic metres of landfill space. However, many businesses have not yet recognised the financial benefits of recycling. Did you know, on average 80% of a business’ waste stream is recyclable? Become an ecoBusiness member today. HRR can offer a variety of bin sizes to suit every business – big or small.  Contact us today on Free Call 1800 83 8884 for an obligation free evaluation and quote.

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